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As a well-known professional manufacturer and service provider of cranes and material handling products, Eurocrane, dedicated to the development and research of Crane and material handling technology and focusing its business on the R & D, design, manufacturing, installation and services of high-end equipment, offers full lifecycle services for its products and relentlessly pursues industrial progress to elevate industrial development by insisting on innovation, adopting new ideas and developing new products. Eurocrane mainly has such business units as cranes, electric hoists, transmission equipment and engineering machinery components. The product line is comprehensive, the quality reliable and the performance leading. The company has achieved a breakthrough in core technology and has the capacity to manufacture core parts. The products have spread through the world, including more than 50 countries and regions and have found extensive applications in 20-plus professional fields like high-end equipment manufacturing, transportation and logistics, paper-making, energy and power, automobiles and ships, metal processing, aeronautics and astronautics, etc. The company offers services for more than 5,000 medium- and high-end customers all over the world.
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    Overhead Crane Product Introduction Eurocrane overhead crane is a revolutionary creation with unparalleled performance, light weight, maximum safety and reliability, and high operating efficiency
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  • In September 2018, Eurocrane announced that it planned to offer EUR 49 million (about RMB 389 million) to acquire 100% shares of RVH and RVB, through the acquisition subject of Eurocrane Austria Holding and eventually realized 100% control over Voith-Werke Ing. A. Fritz Voith Gesellschaft m.b.H & Co KG (hereinafter referred to as [Voithcrane"). All parties to this transaction signed an Equity Purchase Agreement on September 11, 2018. On the evening of December 11, 2018, Eurocrane (China) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as [Eurocrane") issued a notice stating that it had completed the transfer of shares. According to the notice, on December 10, 2018, all parties to the transaction signed a Transfer Memorandum and other legal documents and confirmed that all transfer conditions had been met. As agreed in the Equity Purchase Agreement, Eurocrane paid all transaction considerations. The shares of RVH and RVB were transferred to Eurocrane Austria Holding. The company had completed all transfer matters successfully. Upon the completion of the transfer, Eurocrane Austria Holding directly held 100% shares of RVH and RVB and eventually held 100% shares of Voithcrane. A high-end European crane brand was acquired and complementation in product and technology was achieved Headquartered in Linz, Austria, Voithcrane is a company mainly engaged in the R&D, manufacture, installation and after-sales services of special cranes and material handling solutions. The main products include automatic cranes, metallurgical cranes, electromagnetic cranes, vacuum lifters, stacking cranes and grab bucket cranes, etc. The company has more than 60 years of profession experience in the special crane industry. Being technically innovative, safe and reliable, the products enjoy a high reputation in the European market and also in the automobile, metal, steel and wood industries, etc. As a leader in the niche markets of special crane and material handling industries, Voithcrane has industry-leading automatic and intelligent material handling technologies. The products can better satisfy the trends of automation, intelligence and unmanned of future factories and the demands for professional services and an excellent brand. Through this acquisition, Eurocrane will further strengthen its layout in the field of intelligent manufacturing, obtain the world`s leading R&D and manufacturing technologies in automatic and intelligent material handling solutions quickly, provide customers with the world`s leading intelligent equipment and guide the intelligent upgrade of domestic material handling industry. On the other hand, this will also make Eurocrane acquire long-standing high value-added brands, sophisticated technologies and experienced management teams, enhance its competitiveness in high-end crane and material handling industries, conform to the company`s internationalization strategy and help further expand its overseas markets and enhance brand influence. Also this acquisition has a positive impact on its future business and is conducive to its long-term growth. The target companies had a stable financial status and the acquisition would significantly enhance the company`s performance According to Eurocrane`s previous notice, the net operating profits of RVH, RVB and Voithcrane after tax from February 1, 2017 to January 31, 2018 were EUR 4.6547 million or about RMB 36.9965 million, accounting for 57.97% of Eurocrane`s net profit in 2017. Voithcrane has long maintained a steady balance sheet and relatively good profits. In FY 2017/2018, Voithcrane didn`t have any bank liabilities, the EBITDA rate was 19% and the net profit margin was 13.2%. In the future, Voithcrane will continue to meet growing market demands for special cranes and automatic and intelligent material handling solutions, launch differentiated products and solutions, expand wider industrial applications, branch out to other parts of the world and further enhance sales volume and profitability. The successful completion of this transaction brings RVH, RVB and Voithcrane into the scope of Eurocrane`s consolidated statements and will improve the company`s profitability. Significant progress has been made in the expansion of oversea markets and the implementation of global strategies would be further promoted In recent years, relying on advanced technology, safe and reliable performance and professional services, Voithcrane has possessed a broad and stable customer base in Europe. Siemens, BMW, Audi, Schuler, Thyssenkrupp, Vestas, Voith Paper, Alstom, Wartsila and many other internationally renowned firms are all long-term users of the company. At present, Voithcrane`s sales revenue mainly comes from European countries. With increasing demands for special cranes from Europe and other parts of the world, the company`s orders show a steady upward trend. Through this acquisition, Eurocrane can acquire long-standing high value-added brands, sophisticated technologies and experienced management teams quickly, take a place in the global high-end special crane market and potentially enhance its global influence in the future significantly. It is reported that Eurocrane currently exports to more than 30 countries and regions in North America, Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, Central Asia and Africa, etc. The company expanded its overseas market effectively in 2017 and achieved a year-on-year growth of 32.44% in terms of oversea sales revenue throughout the year, accounting for 17.4% of its total revenue. China`s [One Belt and One Road" strategy drives Chinese manufacturing to go abroad. As widely-used important equipment, lifting machinery can gain more business opportunities therefrom. This acquisition is an important initiative for Eurocrane to seize the historic opportunity of [OBOR", explore overseas markets actively and promote its internationalization. Austria is a country along [OBOR" and has a broad prospect of business cooperation with China. This acquisition will help the company increase the degree of involvement in markets along [OBOR", expand its existing sales of products in overseas markets and enhance its international influence. The completion of this transaction would enable Eurocrane to achieve strategic expansion in the European markets and acquire high-value brands, technologies and teams. After M&A, both sides can complement each other in multiple aspects, such as technology, market, capital and talent and create synergetic value, which is expected to significantly enhance Eurocrane`s development momentum and return on assets. On the other hand, as a leader of China`s European crane industry, Eurocrane will continue to benefit from the opportunity brought by [OBOR". It is predictable that the influence on overseas markets will be enhanced constantly.
  • As an internationally-renowned pioneer in China`s crane and material handling industry, Eurocrane announced that it intended to acquire Austria`s Voithcrane on September 12. Through this acquisition, Eurocrane would be able to realize strategic expansion in European markets, acquire high-value brands, technologies and teams and form a favorable complement to its existing products and regions. After M&A, both sides can complement each other in multiple aspects, such as technology, market, capital and talent, create synergetic value, achieve an all-round promotion in the automation, intelligence, safety, economy and professionalism, etc. of crane and material handling solutions, further expand the original advantages in middle and high-end crane and material handling equipment market, satisfy the trends of automation, intelligence and unmanned of future factories, realize the extended cooperation in brand and industrial resources and enhance the international influence and competitiveness of the brand. As a pioneer in automatic cranes, with 73 years of history in independent R&D, design and manufacture of special cranes, Voithcranehas specializes in providing customers with automatic, intelligent, safe and reliable customized material handling solutions. Since the first crane independently developed and manufactured by Voithcrane was launched on the market in 1961, Voithcrane has kept strengthening its technical innovations in automation technologies. On the basis of Siemens S7 control, Voithcrane developed crane control software independently, achieved control over 9 driving systems and equipped itself with EPLAN Electric P8 CAE software, which was more suitable for international standards and the application demands of customers, and achieved full-automatic or intelligent remote control. The automatic control system can ensure the smooth operation of equipment, automatic identification of material height and the precise positioning of lifting. Voithcrane occupies an outstanding position in the niche market of special cranes, performs well in professional industries, such as steel, metal, wood, automobile, manufacturing, electric power, papermaking and garbage disposal, etc. and accumulates a broad and stable customer base. Siemens, BMW, Audi, Schuler, Thyssenkrupp, Vestas, Voith Paper, Alstom, Wartsila and many other internationally renowned firms are all long-term users of the company. [As a pioneer in China`s crane industry, Eurocrane has long been committed to technical innovation and development. We are glad to see that such an excellent special crane brand as Voithcrane can be incorporated into the big family of Eurocrane. With Voithcrane`s strong technologies and rich experience in automatic and special cranes, our R&D in automation and intelligence can be accelerated, more customer bases in high-end and niche markets in the industry will be obtained and the global status of Eurocrane will be promoted. After M&A, Voithcrane will reserve the original team and plants, to better serve customers in the European market. We will offer more financial support, expect that they can provide better technologies for customers, products and services, further expand the share in the European market and achieve better performance in other markets", said Ms. Jin Hongping, President of Eurocrane.
  • On August 8, sponsored by Jiangsu Sushang Development Promotion Association (SDPA), the [2018 (6th) Suzhou Merchant Conference" was grandly opened in Nanjing. With the theme of [Forty Years of Honing: the Re-breaking and Remaking of Innovators", more than 600 elites from the government, industry, universities and research institutes gathered in Nanjing. Ma Qiulin, Vice Governor of Jiangsu Province, attended the conference and made a speech to pay homage to 40 years of reform and opening up. On the evening of the same day, the nomination and awarding ceremony of the 2018 SDPA Member Association, aka [Pioneers in Reform• Glorious Suzhou Merchants: 40 People (Enterprises) during the 40 Years of Reform and Opening up" was grandly opened. Jin Hongping, President of Eurocrane (China) Co., Ltd., won the award of [The Most Innovative New Leader among Suzhou Merchants during the 40 Years of Reform and Opening up". With an international vision and ambition, [to continue to build technical and brand advantages and let Chinese enterprises go global" is the dream, and also the responsibility and mission of President Jin. Under her leadership, Eurocrane keeps [the spirit of craftsman" in mind, focuses on [professional, fine, special and new", takes initiative to seize industrial opportunities in the general context of industrial transformation and upgrading, emphasize being innovation-driven, propels corporate transformation, promote the fusion between informatization and industrialization actively, integrate big data, intelligence and industrial manufacturing in depth, advocate intelligent solutions, green manufacturing, efficient and reliable industrial standards, drive the development of crane and material handling industries and inject a new gene into the economic and social development of Jiangsu, with practical actions.
  • Eurocrane was founded in 2007 and went public at Shanghai Stock Exchange in January 2017. As a newcomer to the public market of 2017, Eurocrane managed to won the "R&D Innovation Pioneer Award" in the voting for China`s pioneer new listings of 2018 held by International Financial News with its outstanding performance in R&D. Eurocrane is a renowned manufacturer and service provider of lifting and material handling products. Having combined advanced equipment development, design, manufacturing, installation and service together, Eurocrane offers clients with "One-Stop", "Customized" product lifecycle management. Our products have been widely used in various fields such as equipment manufacturing, papermaking, energy and power, automobile and ship building, metal finishing, aerospace industry and so forth. With Suzhou as its base camp and a nationwide coverage, Eurocrane has aggressively implemented the strategy of "Going Global" and expanded to the entire globe. The company now owns an innovation center, 3 intelligent manufacturing bases and a sales services network that covers more than 20 major large and medium-sized cities in China and it has established long-term, steady strategic partnership with overseas commission agents and world-renowned engineering and construction firms. Eurocrane continues increasing input into research and development, advocates intelligent solutions, green manufacturing and efficient and reliable targets, and constantly creates value for customers. The company now owns more than 100 patents. Having been certified as a hi-tech enterprise in Jiangsu, the company provides customers with intelligent factory solutions, and greatly improves the safety and production efficiency of cranes in operation and make repairs and maintenance easier, winning widespread approval of customers at home and abroad.
  • In the afternoon of February 24th, at the beginning of the new year, Wujiang Districtovernment held the Pep Rally for Quality Development, during which the outstanding enterprises of 2017 were honored for starters. Eurocrane won the four honorary titles, namely Top 100 Enterprise of Wujiang District, Top 100 Taxpayer, Provincial Corporate Technology Center and Outstanding Investor Beyond Borders & Economic Partner awarded by Wujiang District. The secretary of Wujiang District Committee, Mr Shen Guofang attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Mr Shen stressed that entrepreneurs in Wujiang District should continue to develop their enterprises, gradually strengthen and expand the foundation of quality development, define the direction and path of quality development step by step and try to achieve the goal of quality development with even stronger sense of responsibility. He hoped these outstanding enterprises of Wujiang District would succeed in building intelligent industry, training emerging economy and improving quality brand through change in [Quality, Efficiency and Driving force" and make greater contribution to Wujiang District`s development. In 2017, Eurocrane successfully became listed at Shanghai Stock Exchange, seized the opportunity of the time, devoted itself to innovation and creation, focused on quality development, aggressively promoted further integration of big data, intelligence and high-end manufacturing, expanded its business layout to new technologies and industries, picked up its pace of becoming a global force, enhanced its driving force for further development and continued its momentum of sustainable and healthy development. In 2018, Eurocrane will make the most of the capital market, fully carry forward its course of becoming a international force and try to build itself into an intelligent manufacturer with international brand, products and marketing system.
  • Iterative Surpassing Dreams---Eurocrane(China)Co., Ltd. 2018 Welcome Ceremony 2017 is over, we are reviewing the harvest and the shortcomings; 2018 has arrived, we are full of fighting spirit and hope! In the new year, Eurocrane will not forget the original heart, go forward and pursue excellence! On February 5, 2018, [Iterative Surpasses Dreams", the 2018 New Year Ceremony of Fontaine was held in Wuhu High-tech Zone, Wujiang, Suzhou. All employees of the Eurocrane Group Company gathered together for a party. The leaders of the Group and the business unit summarized the performance of Eurocrane in 2017 and looked forward to the development in 2018: In 2017, the Fintel A shares were successfully listed. On this broader platform, Eurocrane did not forget At the beginning, the company pursued the spirit of the craftsman and strengthened the construction of corporate culture. With excellent products and services, the company achieved great breakthroughs in its performance and its market share increased steadily. In addition, the company has intensified its efforts to improve the innovation system and management system. Domestic and foreign investment has also been gradually developed. Eurocrane has made great strides in becoming a leader in the crane and material handling industry. In 2018, we will continue to build on the future, based on comprehensive safety management, comprehensive quality management and comprehensive budget management, continuously promote industry changes, use technology innovation to enhance core competitiveness, and provide customers with superior products and life-cycle quality services. Increase the overseas layout and achieve domestic and international growth. The success of a company, the talent is the foundation, the culture is the soul, and the development of the company is attributed to the management personnel who lead the team to fight, and it is also attributed to all the front-line employees who are working hard and improving. Hard work has only created it today. The company has awarded awards to outstanding employees, excellent managers and excellent teams, sales champions and best sales. It also awarded trophies and medals to employees who have served the company for 5, 10 and 15 years. Thanks to them. The progress and contribution of the company. A successful company can't be without benchmarks. They are rooted in ordinary work. The excellent quality affects everyone around you. The ingenuity is between the senses, the pursuit of never-before, every dedication, down-to-earth, hard work. The Eurocrane people deserve to be remembered. Holding the heavy trophies in their hands, each of the winners is full of excitement and excitement. They say that the results only represent the past. All the Eurocrane members will be customer-centric, through the active cooperation of the team, do their best and persist in serving customers. Provide high quality products and professional services to create value for customers. We will continue to pursue technological innovation and management improvement to make the company sustainable, stable and healthy development! In the following New Year's Eve party, the wonderful programs were one after another. The passionate "Women's Workers Have Power" sang the positive spirit of the first-line workers and the spirit of pursuing quality; the poem recited "We are flying eagle" "Shows the sense of responsibility and mission of all the Français teamwork, full struggle, pursuit of excellence; the "Best Beauty Doll" on behalf of the future generation of the outstanding children of Eurocrane expresses the expectations of the future, the show is wonderful, The applause was repeated. The annual meeting is a summary of the past year, and it is to save power for the journey of the coming year! Everyone toasted each other, celebrated the results of yesterday, and told the future! Everyone walks along the way, all the achievements are inseparable from the support of the partners, the words of gratitude are beyond words, and all the hearts of the Eurocrane people are integrated at this time! The glorious 2017 has passed, and the 2018 full of hopes and challenges has arrived. We must aim at the customer first and teamwork as the action. We must work hard to create value and pursue excellence. We will continue to uphold the mindset of beginners, constantly improve our products and services in the spirit of artisans, satisfy customers, let the world change the understanding of Chinese crane products, and let Eurocrane become the global leader!
  • On Dec 22nd 2017, the Engineering Machinery Division of Eurocrane reached another milestone - passing Caterpillar`s SQEP certification and winning the SQEP bronze medal for quality presented by Caterpillar`s vice president, Mr. Chen Qihua. SQEP (Supplier Quality Excellence Process) is an examination system Caterpillar uses to carry out an overall evaluation of its supplier`s quality index (PPM), delivery performance (SSP), process capacity (CPK) and new product development (PPAP). Looking back over the year, in order to strengthen our seamless collaboration with Caterpillar, we continued to promote the [BIQ project" inside the company and took an active part in the CSCL [Phoenix Project", which not only made us score 160 in PPM YTD, but also enabled us to build a problem solving channel of direct communication and fast response with Caterpillar. Through direct communication, we were able to deepen our trust with Caterpillar, further strengthen our seamless collaboration, improve our adaptability to market changes and create an environment in which we help each other succeed. With the implementation of the [Phoenix Project in 2017, we rechecked the entire manufacturing process of Caterpillar products through on-the-spot audit; reassessed the DT MAP of all products` PPAP/CP/PFEMA as well as weld assembly and compared them to the implementation on site, dig up our problems and tried to categorize and improve them. Such moves not only improved the stability of the process, but also enabled us to build a [FEMA" database of our own. In the meanwhile, we took investment in equipment very seriously and added various advanced equipment such as [welding robot", [smart welder" and so on to our plant in 2017. The new equipment has greatly improved our quality assurance capacity during the manufacturing process. Furthermore, we were also pushing a [Lean Production" program where we optimized our production plan and process to make our production smoother and more efficient. Having taking on a corporate philosophy of [Customer First and Quality First", the unremitting efforts made by the Eurocrane`s Engineering Machinery Division were finally recognized by clients and won Eurocrane a SQEP quality bronze medal from Caterpillar: This is a honor and a new start for us at the same time! Pursuit of excellence has always been Eurocrane`s core value. We are always making progress, focusing on the future and seeking another success! We will continue to improve our goals by sticking to [Application of new technology", [Zero defect" and [Eco-production", build an excellent quality brand for Eurocrane, do our best to help Caterpillar out and build a better future together.
  • As economy grows, environmental protection is increasingly becoming an important issue in our life, particularly in the packaging industry where the application of various eco-friendly material has become the industry`s development trend and the plastic bags that were mainly made of polyethylene has gradually been replaced by coated paper bags. Though everyone may still be unfamiliar with coated paper, it actually has already been widely used in every aspect of our life: e.g. paper cup, fast food container, milk carton, packing box, book cover, handbag and so on are all made of coated paper. Why is it so popular? Products made of coated paper not only enjoy superb quality, but are also waterproof, damp roof, more environmental friendly compared to plastic ware or other material, easily degradable and reusable. As a new green packaging material, its scope application is getting increasingly wider and its market prospect is very promising. World papermaking giant, Stora Enso seized this market opportunity and spent 800 million euros in building a plant in Beihai, China. Its polyethylene coated paper production line went into production on Dec 19th 2017. The production line has employed advanced equipment and technology as well as high sanitary standard to ensure its product safety. The production line was started in October 2016, set a record of zero man-hour loss and the cranes used in the project were made by Eurocrane. Paper crane is an indispensable link in papermaking process and its requirement for damp proof dust-free environment puts an even high requirement on cranes. Cranes in papermaking industry need to work on a tight schedule and production downtime generates a very high cost. Therefore, the reliability of cranes has a direct impact on the efficiency and continuity of the entire papermaking production line. As a renowned paper group, Stora Enso attaches great importance to its quality control and only picks the finest equipment in the industry. As one of the renowned brands in the crane industry, Eurocrane became Stora Enso`s partner after many rounds of selection and was chosen to provide lifecycle product solution. Besides the coated paper production line, Eurocrane also provided multiple lifting equipment and service-operation solution kit for Stora Enso`s phase-I project, the 450 thousand ton liquid packing paper production line. With the outstanding performance of our crane product and services, Eurocrane played an important part in the successful commissioning and operation of Stora Enso`s project. We were honored with Stora Enso`s [2016-2017 Excellent Supplier Award" at the opening ceremony of the coated paper production line on Dec 19th. What we have accomplished is only the past. Eurocrane will continue to care to our clients` demands, do our best to provide competitive cranes and logistics transport solutions and services, and continue to create greater value for its clients. We will certainly continue our success in 2018!
  • On Nov 24th 2017, having been commissioned by the Science & Technology Department of Jiangsu Province, the Science & Technology Bureau of Fenhu High-Tech Industrial Development Zone gathered some experts to carry out an acceptance inspection over the Design & Development of Dust-free Electric Hoist Overhead Crane for High-Precision Clean Room program (ID: BE2014828), which is a Science & Technology Support Program (Industrial Sector), undertaken by Eurocrane. The acceptance meeting was held at 9:00 a.m. as scheduled and hosted by the deputy chief of the Science & Technology Bureau, Mr. Sun Xiang. The chief technology officer (project leader), Mr. Yuan Xiufeng gave a report on the program and answered all the questions raised by the attending experts. Later on, the experts on the acceptance board and leaders of Fenhu Science & Technology Bureau carefully examined our crane workshop in the company of our CTO, Mr. Yuan Xiufeng. The acceptance board listened closely to Mr. Yuan Xiufeng`s summary, R&D technical report, test report, special audit report and user report of the program, checked relevant documentation, reached consensus that the program had achieved various targets specified in the contract and agreed to let it pass the acceptance inspection. Project Introduction 1. Product Technical Indicators: 1)Cleanliness: below 1000; 2)Cleanliness of electric clean room hoist in is up to ISO Class 1-ISO Class 3 based on different requirements for clean rooms; 3)IP65 protection class employed on electric control system; 4)Maximum lifting load: 16t and below; 5)Span: 34.5m and below; 6)Maximum lifting height: 36m and below. 2. Program Result: The duration of the program was June 2014 ~ June 2017. During its implementation period, we developed a special steel girder, optimized the electric control system, power supply system and lifting device, solved some key problems such as the system`s static electricity and dust prevention based on the requirements for cranes used in high-precision clean room cranes. Our products have passed the type test run by the Special Equipment Safety Supervision & Inspection Research Institute of Jiangsu Province and met the requirements for crane type test. During the program`s implementation period, we obtained 2 invention patent licenses, 11 patents for utility model and developed our corporate standard named Electric Clean Room Hoist Overhead Cranes for (Q/320584GDA001-2014), and got the High-Tech Product Certificate from the Science & Technology Department of Jiangsu Province. Up till today, the equipment used in the clean rooms of China`s medical, food, chemical and electronics industries are major imported from other countries and we are still at the initial stage of developing our own dust-free equipment. In such an industry background, our high-precision clean room cranes not only filled China`s gap in this area, but also fit China`s market demand for clean equipment, thus is bound to have a promising development prospect.
  • Eurocrane won the honorary title of [Famous Export of Suzhou City" for 2016~2017 presented by Suzhou Bureau of Commerce. Eurocrane has a sales and service network that covers the whole country. As the renowned brnad European technology crane, Eurocrane has sold lots of its products to over 40 countries and regions including Germany, U.S., Brazil, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Spain ,United Arab Emirates and so forth with its strong quality, excellent technical performance and reasonable price. Having established itself in China, Eurocrane is now expanding our business to the whole world. Our complete manufacturing system and diversified technical platform has laid a foundation for us to expand our overseas market. And the differentiated marketing strategy, rigorous quality consciousness, brand awareness and service philosophy have brought us one after another remarkable achievements on external market.
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