Professional Lifting Equipment Manufacturer and Service Provider

EUROCRANE is a leading manufacturer and service provider in the crane and material handling industry. In pursuit of technological advancement, we have dedicated ourselves to the immersive research and development of new products. Decades of production experience allow us to provide customers with a full range of crane models.

Main products
Electric Chain Hoist
Made for less volume, lighter weight, and more operating safety and convenience, our chain hoist has the ability to adapt to various working environment, all available at a competitive price. Different models offer choices of lifting capacities ranging between 60kg and 7500kg to suit everyday light-duty lifting work.
Electric Wire Rope Hoist
Our company is granted 13 patents for the invention of the novel VT type electric wire rope hoist. We have incorporated into this product a large amount of experience accumulated over the years and the latest manufacturing technologies.
Open Winch
Drawing on the valued experience and expertise accumulated over the years in crane manufacturing industry along with the thinking on the advanced crane technology development trend, we now launched the latest EW series open winch onto the market to solve your industrial applications.
Overhead Crane
Due to the magnificent attributes of our crane which can be hardly found in any of its contemporaries, many world-renowned enterprises have learned to rely on us for innovative design solutions. These companies include Hitachi, Kobelco, General Motors, Gamesa, Barrick Gold, Vallourec & Mannesmann Tube, Wärtsilä, Sandvik, 3M, Sany, and Xugong.
Suspension Crane
This installation manner saves space and helps users cut down on cost that they would have otherwise spent in building corbels to mount the crane, so that large operating space remains open. This series of crane trolley has longer reach. The load can be lifted to a point that is very close to the side wall.
Gantry Crane
The crane is vital to the material handling process. Crane problems may cause downtime and downtime costs customers’ money. Eurocrane product has always been supplied with consistent good quality, which is sure to become one of your preferred choices in logistics industry. Following is a list of main advantages of our crane product.
Jib Crane
Our jib crane offers choices of different specifications and models. It also can be tailor made to suit customer specific requirements on lifting capacity, maximum angle of slew, jib arm length, and functionalities. With a maximum load capacity ranging from 80kg to 10000kg...
Special Crane
With a talented design team and a wealth of experience accumulated over the years, we have what it takes to provide customized cranes that suit your special applications in nuclear power, paper making, shipbuilding, metallurgical, aircraft manufacturing, and waste incineration industries.
Lever Chain Hoist
This series of lever chain hoist offers dual-speed operation and choice of capacities. Hook blocks are bolted, allowing ease of disassembly for complete hook inspection. Durable, lightweight all-steel construction with power coated finish and plated frame components to resist corrosion.
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