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Maintenance Service

In most cases, we find that users will not seek for crane service until an irreversible damage or machine breakdown occurs. Crane problems and subsequent repair create downtime and downtime costs huge sums of customers' money. In extreme cases, they would impair production and cause a delay in the delivery process.

To deal with those difficult circumstances, we roll out our latest Carefree Maintenance Program. The aim of our program is to help customers perform regular maintenance on the equipment, reduce machine downtime, and decrease the repair times, which in turn would lower the running cost and extent crane use life. This Carefree Maintenance Program offer different options to allow customers choose from according to their specific need.

Joining in the Eurocrane program not only means there is increasing chance of getting free-of-charge maintenance service, but clients also can receive the complete, detailed equipment inspection report written by our professionals. The considerate care and servicing allow the crane to maintain in a satisfactory operating condition.

Of course customers can formulate their own maintenance plan based on their crane conditions. Or they can ask our engineers to go to their job site for inspection. Both methods would avoid the high cost that customer would have otherwise spent in hiring a specialized crane repair engineer or the worry of managing personnel and equipment.

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